Smart, savvy, sophisticated, professional. These are words often used by clients and colleagues to describe Don Wuerfl. Dons success and loyal client base can be attributed to these qualities, but its his dedication, empathy, integrity, warmth, and humor that truly set him apart from other brokers.

Its easy to be successful when you love what you do, Don has said. What could be more rewarding than helping buyers find their dream homes or sellers maximize their investments?

Dons winning attitude, combined with his dedication to service, industry experience and extensive knowledge of market trends and property values makes working with him such a truly outstanding experience.

Don also understands that buying and selling real estate is an extremely important emotional decision. With a great knack for putting himself in other peoples shoes, Don truly listens to his clients needs and has an uncanny ability to anticipate their wants. In Dons expert hands, his clients avoid feeling the pressure of the real estate market while getting the most it has to offer.

Over Dons 8 years as a leader in his field, he has maintained the same level of enthusiasm and a sense of commitment that clients, customers and colleagues alike have come to expect. Don is a veteran when it comes to moving, having lived in New York, Ohio, Manhattan, Staten Island and now New Jersey. He knows that the best way to defuse the stresses and frustrations of moving is to surround yourself with the best possible people and services. From mortgage brokers to movers, from contractors to attorneys, Don will connect you with a full-service network of support, guaranteed to make your move as painless as possible.

Experience the Agent of the Future first hand: contact Don for a free market evaluation of your property, or simply to discuss your particular real estate needs.